Works / Projects

Filmography (Films Written and Directed):


2017 – Many Months in Mirya (Miryavar Kahi Mahine)
(HD/Col/2017/Documentary/230 mins)

n 2014-15, I started the experiment of documenting time in my native village of Mirya on the coast of Konkan, Maharashtra. I felt this was important as a record of this juncture. But this was also an experiment with the idea of a digital camera study – to use the digital camera to document the time in a very specific space. In this sense, the process of studying the place itself, would, narrativise it. This experiment/process, once started was a relentless one of ‘killing time’. Assumption of the role of a chronicler (who is usually present through an absence, in the guise of keeping a record) and awareness of the imperative of time played with a more supple desire to connect and render.

This film is a record of this village during that time. The film flows into stories of people and events happening in the village. The subject’s canvass demanded the scale of the longer narrative form, like a novel in digital video.

The intention behind the project was, through the camera, to do a political study of a village, of how a non-descript village becomes a microcosm for the country or even the world, at this critical juncture in time. The characters and stories in the village unfold, and power along caste, class and gender lines plays out through a point of implosion to small ironical irresolutions. The village opens up slowly through the characters.


2014 – Aaranyak
(35mm/Col/22 mins)

My diploma film strives to create the symbolic echoes in the story of two girls searching for their imaginary friend. Instead of the primordial cave, they create their invisible friend from the deep darkness of the industrial black hole – the water pipe. Intertwined with this, is another story – a search for water in a dried up river by two migrant workers from the city. The film moves between the lyrical and the self-reflexive, ending in an ironic arrival into the real.


2012 – Mariamirella

An abstract dream narrative tracing the journey of a woman through an exploded mini-second.


2012 – Mhatari
(35mm/Col/4 mins)

A music video on one of the poems of Arun Kolhatkar based on the track 23, by John Cage, capturing the barrenness of hills at Jejuri and the struggle to make a living among them.

Selected for Kerala International Short Film Festival 2012.


2011 – Notes on my Grandmother

A documentary on the warkari way of life through the eyes of my grandmother.


2011 – Airawat
(35mm/Col/10 mins)

A 10 min. fiction on the magic real happenings in a small lane.

 -Received the Special Jury Mention Award in Kerala International Short Film Festival 2011,
– Special Mention in 59th National Awards, 2012.
– Screened in festival – “100 years of Experimentation” in Films Division, 2013.


2006 – Darkroom

A film on the history of images layered with the history of the city of Mumbai in its dialectics of development and agitations.

– Selected in Kerala International Film Festival 2008,
– Berlinale Festival 2008.


2006 – Dhruvachi Goshta

A short fiction on an evening of story-telling by a mother to her child.




– Key Research for the book, ‘Dates.Signs’, published by Tulika Publications and Majlis, edited by Madhusree Dutta.

– “Gardens Without Shadows’ – Essay on contemporary Photoshop practices in photo studios in Mumbai, for the recently published book ‘Project Cinema City’ by Tulika Books and Majlis.

– Written a surreal story on the invention of gramophone in the book, ‘Tracing Phalke’, conceptualized and created by Kamal Swaroop.